David Fisher

Senior Software Engineer, Center for Intelligent Information

The internet provides a wealth of resources. These resources are hidden in many places. People have to search the internet for the information that they need. Sadly, much like searching one's attic or basement, such searches can uncover unwanted items. Some of these unwanted items may even be offensive, or utterly inappropriate for proper people to view. While the search engine community does provide some rudimentary protections, such as Google's safe search for images, until now, no one company has stepped forward to provide a truly safe search experience.

Sosvia, in consultation with premier information retrieval researchers, has taken the lead in providing a safe and secure web experience, both through their Saint application, and through their online search engine. Employing technologies with decades of research behind them, they are able to classify inappropriate content, filtering it out before it can reach the unsuspecting user. Sosvia is constantly evaluating and improving on their technologies, increasing their coverage of the internet and the quality of their filtering. I have great confidence in their technical team and their technology, and expect many people will be enjoying a much safer web experience because of their work.



I feel safe about letting my daughter play on the computer...I don't have to sit with her wondering or worrying about something inappropriate popping up!


Israel G.


I am a speech editor and I conduct training workshops. I conduct extensive research while I work. In the past a lot of the phrases that I searched for, produced pornography, and with SAINT, pornography no longer appears. I am very satisfied with this excellent product that you have developed.



Frank H.


This product has been a blessing for my home, it protects me and my family from offensive pages on the Internet, every parent should install this type of protection in their home computers.


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