United to protect the integrity of our children.

San Jose Costa Rica, January 6, 2011.

In an important event of international impact- The recognized organization "Enfoque a la Familia" consolidates a strategic alliance with SOSVIA Inc., in an effort to protect the innocence and integrity of children and teenagers. These two entities have decided to act on behalf of the family and provide a safe and secure Internet navigation experience.
The result of this synergy coincides with the global launch of an innovative Internet browsing and filter application known as SAINT, which stands for “Safe Access Internet Navigation Technology”


Focus on the Family


As a non-profit organization dedicated to helping family unity in Latin America, our objective is to instill unity and quality family life utilizing discussions, conferences, seminars and organized
events. We also complement these functions with appropriate resources and content created by experts and available on both printed and digital media.



A company specializing in the development of algorithms and revolutionary technology, with focus on providing global solutions to internet security for diverse companies, industries and institutions, via the implementation of innovative applications.

The Sosvia Inc. vision is to instill confidence and security at a global level for the Internet browsing experience.




SAINT is a proprietary Internet content filtering program that has the ability to analyze any website in real time and filter out undesired and unrequested content such as pornography. Due to its advanced algorithms and latest technology, this software is considered to be very unique and unequaled in its field, protecting users from malicious content and information that compromises security.


For more information contact us at the following links.

Enfoque a la Familia/Focus on Family: www.enfoquealafamilia.com
Sosvia: www.saintapp.com/es





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