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SAINT 2.0 Home is secure Internet filtering software that works silently in the background. It allows your family to browse the Internet safely, keeping out offensive content from the Web. It prevents children from finding and viewing sexually explicit websites, whether by typing a search term into Google, or by trying to access a porn site directly.


Over 420 million pornographic web pages exist on the Internet today, and those numbers are increasing at an alarming rate—2,500 new sexually explicit websites are added each week. One in seven youths report being solicited for sex on the Internet through chat rooms and sexually explicit sites. Even more troubling, 79% of these unwanted sexual solicitations occur from the family’s home computer. Parents must find ways to safeguard their children.

What does the
SAINT web filter block?

What does the SAINT web filter block?

  • Other content unsuitable for children
  • Offensive websites in multiple languages
  • Search results for explicit images and sites
  • Strong sexual content
  • Pornography

Unlike other porn blockers, SAINT analyzes and filters both English- and Spanish-language websites, as well as specific content on pages that change frequently, like blogs and news sites. It installs quickly with absolutely no technical skills required.

How does SAINT
Internet filtering work?

How does SAINT Internet filtering work?

SAINT stands for “Safe Access Internet Navigation Technology.” It is a lightweight, advanced algorithm focused entirely on one task: keeping your family safe from potentially offensive Internet content. SAINT technology works by blocking known pornographic websites as well as by filtering out any offensive content on other websites in real time.


It prevents unwanted or unintended search results from appearing in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. This makes your family’s web browsing experience safe and secure without affecting your computing experience in any way.

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Is SAINT difficult to
install or use?

Is SAINT difficult to install or use?

SAINT is designed to be as fast and easy as it is secure. Just set a password, and you’re done!

  • It won’t slow down your computer.
  • It won’t affect your web browsing speed.
  • It doesn’t require you to change anything about
    the way you browse.
  • It doesn’t conflict with most antivirus or security
    software already on your computer.
  • It has no required settings to configure or
  • It updates itself automatically.
  • It cannot be uninstalled or circumvented by
    anyone other than you.
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