The Internet is filled with all kinds of websites, but some of this content is unsuitable for children.
Your family enjoys Internet without harmful and offensive content you don’t want.

SAINT stands guard

filtering out explicit websites while safely allowing educational content to pass.

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It’s easy to protect your family. Install SAINT on your home computer and gain instant peace of mind.


For Just $14.99/year

There are millions of pornographic websites on the Internet. That doesn’t mean you have to leave your family unprotected. SAINT stands for “Safe Access Internet Navigation Technology.” It helps prevent your children and family from unintended exposure to offensive content, whether viewing search engines results from sites like Google and Yahoo, or by trying to access a sexually explicit site directly.


A safer way to surf

  • Filters both English and Spanish content.
  • Reduces potentially unsafe search results.
  • Blocks known porn sites and intelligently filters out offensive content on others.
  • Automatically updates to keep you safe.

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