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SAINT App protects your children from pornography and Internet predators.

SAINT App’s internal filter protects your family from websites with sexually explicit content, while allowing educational content to pass. Why Protect your Family?

For 30 Days $19.99 U.S.
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista , 7 and 8. Other Platforms


SAINT App allows your children to surf within Youtube and enjoy their favorite videos, but when the filter detects sexually explicit content, it instantly blocks it.Try it now


Your children can still use Facebook regularly to socialize with friends. SAINT App has the ability to detect and block pornography that exists within this popular social network; it also blocks prostitution service profiles. Try it now


Twitter is another popular social network used by children, SAINT App´s intelligent technology detects when pornography is accessed accidentally and the filter immediately blocks it. Try it now

Google image search results

When a child makes a search on google images it’s very common that a simple innocent search will shed pornographic images. SAINT App detects pornography search results and instantly blocks them. Try it now

All of the Internet

In any corner of the Internet and with any browser you use (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) SAINT App will detect and block any pornographic content in a split second, ultimately preventing children’s exposure to it. Additionally SAINT App blocks public chats with an abundancy of child molesters. Try it now

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