About us

Back in 2008, an everyday incident changed my life. I was watching my daughter, just eight years old at the time, using the Internet to find a website she loves. When she mistyped “Barbie” into the web browser, the search results that came up were frankly appalling. How could mistyping the name of something as innocent as a children’s toy produce such unwanted, and unacceptable, sexually explicit results?


As a father, I questioned how I could protect my child from pornographic websites and other adult content, a problem that was quickly growing out of control. That same year I helped establish Sosvia, Inc., a company dedicated to Internet filtering and software for systematically understanding Internet content. Unlike most Internet filtering software, which simply block URLs (Internet addresses) from a seemingly endless list of pornographic websites, SAINT software would intelligently scan every webpage and determine whether its content was educational or potentially offensive. At its core, the idea is simple: let the good content pass, but act as a protective wall against any content unsuitable for the family.

It has been a project that we’ve taken very seriously from the start. Sosvia, Inc., along with its SAINT application, was created for both the American and Latin American markets and works with content in both English and Spanish. With our headquarters in San Diego, California, we are at the crossroads of two cultures and strive to incorporate the best talent and technology on both sides of the border. The power of Internet, of course, is that it is a place without borders—but with the help of the SAINT algorithm, we aim to make the Internet a place where families can choose their own limits from potentially offensive content.


Now my child can surf the Internet to play and to learn without worry. As a father, I am eager to extend that same peace of mind to your family.


Fermin Garcia - President, Sosvia, Inc.

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